Friday, January 18, 2019

Kutatók bevonása az adatpolikikák befolyásolása céljából egy RDA felmérés révén

A Research Data Alliance felmérésébe be lehet kapcsolódni mindazon kutatóknak, kik eseteik ismertetésével, közreadásával segíteni tudják a kutatók jobb adatelérését, a kapcsolódó adatpolitika jobb irányba való befolyásolását. A felhívást az ICSU CODATA szervezete keresztül kaptam.
"Dear RDM colleagues:

I am writing to request your participation in a “Researcher Engagement with data management: what works?” survey of the Research Data Alliance. And to ask you to share my email with contacts in your institution or your networks/country so we can collect as many examples as possible.

Our project aims to collect use case studies from different organisations and institutions around the globe on how to engage researchers with research data management. The collected case studies will be published on the RDA website and as an open textbook. We believe we can learn from each other’s experience and hope to create a useful resource for organisations and institutions which are looking to increase their engagement with their research communities, as explained in our blog post.

Please click on the link below to get started. The survey takes an average of 20 minutes to be completed. We look forward to reading your stories, preferably before February 3, 2019!

Take the survey:

If you have any questions about this survey, or while completing the survey, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Yan Wang
on behalf of the RDA Researcher Engagement Project"

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Digitális Föld az átalakuló társadalomban - nemzetközi videopályázat

Prof. Temenoujka Bandrova, a Nemzetközi Digitális Föld Társaság vezetőségi tagja video pályázatra hívja fel a figyelmet mai alábbi levelében. Az érdeklődők figyelmébe!

3rd ISDE Video Competition for Young people
Határidő: 2019. május 15
11th International Symposium on Digital Earth
24 - 27 September 2019, Florence - Italy
“Digital Earth in a Transformed Society”

"The Video competition is organized by the International Society of Digital Earth (ISDE). Previously two video competitions were organized in 2015 and 2017. The winners were announced in Halifax, Canada, during the 9th ISDE Symposium and in Sydney, Australia, during the 10th ISDE Symposium and received travel awards.
Starting from October 2016, ISDE is now launching a third video competition, calling therefore all the young researchers to apply. ISDE will announce the winner in September, 2019, at Florence, Italy, during the 11th ISDE Symposium.

Aim: Through this video competition, ISDE aims to create awareness among the young people about the vision and objectives of the International Society for Digital Earth. Using the fabulous creative of the young people ISDE wants to illustrate the objectives of the society through the vision of the young generation. We hope that this will be a starting point so that young researchers enter into the multiple fields of Digital Earth and jointly assist us in making Digital Earth a reality.
Award: ISDE will award the winner in September 2019 during the ISDE Florence Symposium.
Parameters: The max 3 min video should present the author’s CV (max 30 sec.) and her/his the goals and objectives for contributing to the International Society for Digital Earth in order to encourage a societal transformation towards sustainability, resilience to natural disasters, etc.
- The main author must be less than 35-years old
- The video must be ready in such a way that all videos are ready to be shown in September 2019 for 11th ISDE Symposium in Florence, Italy;
- The general title of 2019 ISDE Video Competition is ”Digital Earth in a Transformed Society”;
- The Video must be sent to ISDE Secretariat, together with a C.V. of the author, to the following e-mail:;
- If the proposed video includes text, music, images or video-parts from any other sources, the author must ensure that all this material can be used without violating existing copyrights;
- Applicant/s may only send one entry, and such a single entry cannot be further edited once it has been sent to ISDE.
• 2018, October, Official Call for the third ISDE Video Competition
• 2019, May, 15 Submission Deadline for Videos
• 2019, July, 1st - Deadline for Community Voting, Finalists Announced
• 2019, September - 11th ISDE Symposium in Florence, Italy – video presentation and Award announcement
• The Winner will be promoted during the 11th ISDE Symposium in Florence, Italy and the video will be uploaded to the official ISDE Channels. The author will be awarded an award certification granted during the conference, a flight ticket (economic class) to Florence, and one free conference registration.
• Videos will be judged in two aspects:
o The video that has the best Digital Earth promotion.
o The video, based on development of research and modern technologies in the Digital Earth field.
• The ISDE community will vote for their 3 favorites between May 15th and June, 15th, 2019.
• The Jury (Composition by the ISDE young scientist committee) will take the Top 3 Finalists as determined by the community vote, and chose 1 for final Winner.
Prof. Temneoujka Bandrova (Chair of the ISDE Young Scientist Committee, and Mr. Jiang Hao (Member of the ISDE Young Scientist Committee and the ISDE Secretariat,"

Saturday, May 26, 2018

GDPR - kiemelt bejegyzés

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Monday, November 13, 2017

Álláshely a JRC Digitális gazdaság részlegénél űradat gazdaság témakörben

Az EuroSDR mai felhívása alapján.

Position open: Project Officer – Scientific – Space Data Economy (!Yk86tD)

As the science and knowledge service of the Commission, the mission of DG Joint Research Centre is to support EU policies with independent evidence throughout the whole policy cycle.

The  JRC  is  located  in  5  Member  States  (Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain). Further information is available at: 

The Digital Economy Unit provides quantitative and qualitative socio-economic research in support to the Digital Economy, Digital Living and Digital Society. The Unit is located in Ispra and Seville.

The vacancy is for a place in Ispra (Italy) to support projects assessing the contribution of Earth Observation in general, and the Copernicus programme more specifically, to the Digital Single Market. 

The candidate will focus in particular on assessing the contribution  of  the  Copernicus  Data  and  Information Access Services, being developed on behalf of the European Commission, to the increased access and use of Copernicus products and services, and their overall impact on the European data economy. 

The candidate will also contribute to the analysis of the European space data economy and its evolution before and after the introducing of these new services, through web scraping, surveys, focus groups, and interviews.

The position requires a strong background on the economics of data and digital platforms, new business models in the information society, and data analysis. Familiarity with earth observation and/or spatial information and big data analytics will be an asset. 

Qualifications: the candidate must have 
-          A  PhD  (doctoral  Diploma)  in  a  relevant  field  or  a minimum of five years of relevant research experience on the economics of digital information
-          Excellent written and spoken English (C1) 

The following will be considered as an advantage
-          Background   in   economics,   business   studies,   or information studies. 
-          Strong publication record in peer-review journals. 
-          Strong  skills  in  developing  and  implementing  new ideas, in particular in multi-disciplinary fields. 
-          Interested candidates should provide, with the application form, a curriculum vitae, with a list of publications. 

Duration of contract:
-          12 months initial contract with possible renewals up to maximum 6 years
-          Preferred starting date January 2018

Deadline for application
14/11/2017, 23h59 (Brussels time)

The candidate must be on a valid EPSO reserve list for Function Group IV contract staff or have applied to the permanent open call for researchers FG IV:
Auxiliary contract staff:
Please note that due to the high number of applications received only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

Massimo Craglia
European Commission
DG Joint Research Centre
Digital Economy Unit

T.P.262, JRC, Via Fermi,
21027 Ispra (VA), Italy
Tel: +390332786269

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Kockázatelemzés az ENSZ FFC feladatok kontextusában - víz, vízhiány

Az elsivatagosodággal, földkárokkal, árvízekkel és aszállyal témakörben dolgozó kockázatelemzést végzők figyelmébe ajánlom a ma érkezett körlevelet:
Dear Colleagues,
We are pleased to bring to your knowledge the call for abstracts for our sessions “DRR, Impact Assessment and the SDGs” Session ID no: 33; and “Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought – Role of Impact Assessment”, Session ID no: 100; at the 38th annual international conference of the International Association for Impact Assessment, (IAIA18) to be held in Durban, South Africa from 16th -18th of May, 2018. This call for abstracts opens with other parallel sessions from 1 September – 20 November 2017.
We invite abstracts (max. 300 words) from researchers and practitioners from countries around the world, for research papers as well as discussion and briefing papers that address the subject matter of our sessions “DRR, Impact Assessment and the SDGs” and “Desertification, Land Degradation and Drought – Role of Impact Assessment”. Abstract can be submitted through the IAIA portal, by 20 November, 2017. Notification of acceptance will be given by 15 December, 2017.
submission deadlines:
·     -    Deadline for abstracts of up to 300 words: 20
           November 2017
·     -    Applicants will be informed of the
           acceptance/rejection of their submission: by 15
           December 2017
·     -    Deadline for registration of authors: 08 February
-     -    Deadline for draft papers: 13 March 2018

-     -    Deadline for revised papers: 26 June 2018
·     -    Authors are expected to prepare comments on the
           abstract of two other participant.
I will highly appreciate, if you would further disseminate the information through your network. We look forward to your participation in this conference.
Kind regards,
Chizoba Chinweze
Session Chair."
Hozzáteszem, a felhőszakadások és a belvízek kockázatelemzésénél szintén 4D-képes, hatékony  térinformatikai adatnyerő, és feldolgozó eszközöket szükséges, hogy rendelkezésre álljanak a döntéshozást biztosító információ szolgáltatással, a közösségi térinformatika bevonásával, ahogy ezt Queenslandben vagy most Texasban is végzik.
Illusztráció: TV képernyőkép 2017.augusztus 29.
Polgárok segélykérő mobilhívásainak térképi megjelenítése a Harvey hurrikán alatt.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Műszaki térinformatika szakirányú képzés indul a BME Általános és Felsőgeodézia Tanszékén

Dr. Siki Zoltántól érkezett az alábbi közérdekű üzenet:
"Kedves Kollegina, Kolléga!
Idén ősszel a BME Általános és Felsőgeodézia Tanszékén indítjuk a Műszaki térinformatika szakirányú képzésünket, mely 4 féléves és teljes értékű második diplomát ad. A képzés során elsősorban nyílt forráskódú szoftvereket használunk.

Részletesebb információt a honlapunkon találhat:

Várjuk jelentkezését! Adja tovább az információt kollégáink, ismerőseinek!
Kérdése van? Írjon nekünk, szívesen válaszolunk!"

Illusztráció: a BME K épülete, jobbra az ÁFGT helyíségeivel (2013)

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NASA Europa Challenge - Helsinki, 2017

A NASA Europa Challenge új honlapján tájékozódhat az idei pályázati kiírásról és az elérhető díjakról, tanusítványokról.
A résztvevők idei találkozójának a finnországi Espoo ad otthont 2017. augusztus 29-31 között.