Wednesday, June 14, 2017

NASA Europa Challenge - Helsinki, 2017

A NASA Europa Challenge új honlapján tájékozódhat az idei pályázati kiírásról és az elérhető díjakról, tanusítványokról.
A résztvevők idei találkozójának a finnországi Espoo ad otthont 2017. augusztus 29-31 között.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

Copernicus Masters Webinars - ismeretközvetítő webes tanfolyamok pályázati részvétel elősegítésére

Mai postámból:

"Dear Gabor,

The Copernicus Masters, Europe's leading innovation competition for Earth observation (EO) presents a new feature: The Copernicus Masters webinars! This year, registered participants receive exclusive insights and get directly in touch with high-level Copernicus Masters experts to increase their chance of winning prizes out of EUR 1.5 Mio overall:

These hands-on webinars explain:
  • How to benefit from Europe's major space competitions
  • How to prepare the perfect business case
  • How to access Copernicus data
  • How to deliver the perfect pitch
Registered participants can also listen to former webinars to learn how to prepare the perfect business case and get useful information on the competition.

The competition invites entrants to submit their applications by 30 June 2017 for one of 14 topic-specific challenges by renowned EO stakeholders at

We appreciate your support: Can you please promote the competition and its manifold opportunities among your relevant contacts? For this purpose, please download dedicated material here. Thank you.

We look forward to continuing the Copernicus Masters success story together with you!

Thank you and best regards

Luisa Wagner
Project Officer

Anwendungszentrum GmbH Oberpfaffenhofen"

Saturday, April 29, 2017

GSDI támogatási lehetőség 'Téradat-infrastruktúra' tárgykörben

A GSDI Association felhívása (

"GSDI Small Grants Program 2017 - Call for Proposals is Open!

The GSDI Association has been making Small Grants Program awards since 2003 – our longest running project. The cash grants are for US$ 2,500. Although this is not a large amount of money, in emerging nations and developing economy SDI’s, it can go a long way toward SDI preparedness, awareness raising, for building some component of an SDI or to add to SDI sustainability. It may also help to engage other organizations in collaboration and additional co-funding for large projects. Since 2003, more than 100 grants have been made by the Association. Applications for the 2017 program are due not later than 1 June 2017.
Get the full details and application information here.

 "The Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Association - Advancing a Location Enabled World”

 The GSDI Association is an inclusive organization of academic and research institutions, government agencies, commercial firms, NGOs and individuals from around the world.
The purpose of the organization is to promote international cooperation and collaboration in support of local, national and international Spatial Data Infrastructure research, education, capacity building and implementation challenges, issues and good practice from around the globe that will allow nations to better address social, economic, and environmental issues of pressing importance."

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Megjelent a MAGISZ Journal of Agricultural Informatics szaklap 8. évfolyam, első száma.

Prof. Dr. Herdon Miklós, a 8. évfolyamát megújított nemzetközi szerkesztőbizottsággal indító agrárinformatikai szaklap főszerkesztője írja:

"I inform you that the latest issue of the Journal of Agricultural Informatics has been published.
The journal is backed by an international editorial board, the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics (HAAI)
and the European Federation for Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment (EFITA).
We hope that the articles find your interest and are looking forward to receiving your suggestions,
and publication interests.

Journal articles of Vol 8, No 1 (2017)

The issue of Vol 8, No 1 (2017) in PDF:

Journal of Agricultural Informatics
Journal of Agricultural Informatics"
A szaklap, melynek az első hét évében szerkesztőbizottsági tagja lehettem, továbbra is vár tudományos cikkeket releváns térinformatikai, távérzékelési alkalmazásokról és fejlesztésekről.
Az új szerkesztőbizottságnak tagja a térinformatikai, távérzékelési oldalról is elismert Prof. Dr. Tamás János, a Debreceni Egyetem tanszékvezetője.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

EARSC pályázati lehetőség: Az év EO terméke!

A GEO EO4SDGs munkacsoport levelezési listáján Dr. Argyro Kavvada-tól (Booz | Allen | Hamilton, NASA Headquarters, Earth Science Division) érkezett az alábbi közérdekű EARSC hír:
"From: Mónica Miguel-Lago <>
Date: 2017-02-21 10:46 GMT+01:00
Subject: The EARSC competition "European EO Product of the Year"
To: Mónica Miguel-Lago <>

Following the great success of the EARSC EO Company of the year award, we decided in 2016 to launch a new award for the EO Product of the year. This attracted strong competition with the final award winner being “Rocket in your Pocket” by Jeobrowser. The award is open again for 2017 and you are invited to submit your entry which this year will focus on products supporting the SDGs.

This is your opportunity to follow in the steps of previous award winners and benefit from the prestige of winning an EARS
​C award!​
More information at the following link
Best regards
EARSC secretariat

mágenes integradas 2

Mónica Miguel-Lago
Executive Secretary
EARSC - European Association of Remote Sensing Companies
phone: + 34 639584684 | email: | skype: earsc1
Follow EARSC on twitter or LinkedIn

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Az idei NASA World Wind Europa Challenge felhívása

Főiskolások, egyetemisták, ifjú szakemberek!
Invitation to NASA Europa Challenge 2017 – 
Solutions For Sustainable Cities
Bővebb információ itt:  

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Az ISDE video pályázata fiataloknak! Még belefér!

Forrás: ISDE News, Peking
A mai postából, Jiang Hao (ISDE) figyelemfelhívása:

          "International Society for Digital Earth

Submission deadline extension to
 31 Jan 2017

ISDE Video Competition for Young people
10th International Symposium on Digital Earth
International Society for Digital Earth 
Digital Transformation - Our Future 

Sydney · Australia   3 – 6 April, 2017

Feltételek, részletek: