Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nemzzetközi hallgatói és gyakornoki csereprogram

Mai postánkból: a CLGE szervezet alelnökétől érkezett:
" Good morning. Hope this email finds you well.
As you may well know, in Rome I informed the delegates that the programme that we have been working on for the past months called: FirstSTEP: Students & Trainees Exchange Programme is now up and running: http://www.clge.eu/trainee_program/ . It will also be launched at InterGeo 2009 TODAY; I also mentioned that the way forward for us to make this a successful programme will only possible if you give us a helping hand; we need your help to get in touch with your local companies;
Below is an email that I am circulating to as many companies as possible and if you could either call, or email your colleagues within the surveying sector in your country (even using the standard text below) we would appreciate it.
The more companies we have, the wider the choice and the more successful the programme will be.
Thank you.

Dear Sir / Madam,
I am Michelle Camilleri and I am Vice President of Comite de Liaison des Geomtre Europeens (CLGE) and we have just launched a Student & Trainee Exchange Programme called FIRST STEP.
The idea behind this programme is for us, CLGE, to act as a link between the Students & Trainees and the working world. We are looking for companies that are willing to take on board any of these Students or Trainees for any amount of time, be it days, weeks or months.
If you are interested, you can either visit our website on http://www.clge.eu/trainee_program/ and fill in an application on line or email me directly on FirstSTEP@clge.eu and I will inform you on how to proceed.
I thank you in advance for your cooperation and any possible input that you may give to this exchange programme
Thanks & regards
Michelle Camilleri
Vice President - CLGE"
Érdeklődés esetén egyeztetést javaslunk a CLGE hazai összekötőjével ezideig Gombás László úrral (Leica Geosystems Kft),