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"Dear Colleagues,

We are delighted to announce the call for contributions for the INSPIRE Conference 2013.

The INSPIRE Conference 2013 will take place from  Sunday 23rd – Thursday 27th June 2013 in Florence, Italy.  The theme of this year's edition is "The Green Renaissance".

As much as the Renaissance movement profoundly affected European intellectual life, its influence felt in art, literature, politics, science, religion, etc., so is the INSPIRE Directive 2007/2 influencing the way in which information for managing our planet can be shared and served.  Alike the Renaissance movement, INSPIRE is slowly, but steadily spreading over Europe and beyond, with on the way, its principles being debated and implemented. The aim of this year's INSPIRE Conference is therefore to take stock of this progress, to further exchange views and experiences on how INSPIRE is meeting past and emerging challenges and needs, to identify new opportunities and to finally, reflect collectively on how INSPIRE can further evolve to maximise its benefits for society. We invite paper and poster proposals on all aspects of INSPIRE and presentations that reflect the three pillars of the conference Showcase on Environment, Capacities and Networking.

The full list of topics is available on the Conference website:

We take this opportunity to inform you that the JRC data specifications team and the Thematic Working Groups are working hard on finalising version 3.0rc3 (release candidate 3) of the INSPIRE data specifications for the Annex II+III data themes. This version will be consistent with the draft amendment of the Implementing Rules for interoperability of spatial data sets and services that are currently being translated. The corresponding data models and xml schemas have already been published (see, and the guidelines will follow early next year, as they become available. Check the data specifications section of the INSPIRE web site ( for the latest documents.

View Tweets and links from the INSPIRE team that relate to thelatest news around INSPIRE:

Finally, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support for the INSPIRE endeavor. The EC INSPIRE Team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a successful 2013.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Florence!

Best regards,
The INSPIRE team"

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

AGILE 2013 Konferencia - Cikk és poszterfelhívás

Mai postánkból. Az AGILE titkárságáról érkezett:
"Dear all,
This is a reminder for the call for short papers and posters for next years’ AGILE Conference which will take place in Leuven, 14-17 May.
We want to draw your attention on the fact that you need to use the mentioned templates/guidelines.
See the AGILE 2013 website for more information:
31 January 2013 is the deadline for submission.
Danny, Joep and Bénédicte
Chairs AGILE 2013 Programme Committee

16th AGILE Conference on Geographic Information Science
Geographic Information Science at the Heart of Europe

14-17 May 2013, Leuven, Belgium

On behalf of the AGILE council, we would like to invite you to participate at the 16th AGILE International Conference on Geographic Information Science, scheduled to take place between 14 and 17 May 2013 in Leuven, Belgium, which is situated at the heart of Europe. This years’ conference will pay special attention to the role Geographic Information Science & Technology can play to help resolving the societal challenges we are facing, and to support European policy making in particular.

Call for Papers

The program will offer preconference workshops, keynote sessions, parallel paper presentation sessions and a poster session to share your ideas, and to explore ongoing research & future developments, including stateoftheart applications. The conference will also allow you to network with other professionals from academia, industry and government who are interested in promoting GI teaching and research activities at the European level.

Potential contributors to this conference are invited to submit:

Full papers: this track is closed now

Short papers: 2000 to 3000words manuscript of original and unpublished research work. Highquality scientific and strategic (industrial and governmental) submissions will be accepted for presentation at the conference and will be published online as separate proceedings (with separate ISBN number). Papers must be written in correct English according to the submission template and formatting guidelines which can be found here. Please note that the best short papers will be invited for submission of an extended version of their paper for publication in a special issue of 2 International Journals (to be announced in January). This will process will start after the AGILE 2013 review process in April 2013.
Poster submission: 500 to 1000words manuscript of original scientific and strategic research work. Highquality submissions will be accepted for poster presentations at the conference, which will provide the exceptional opportunity to stimulate scientific discussions and exchange novel ideas. Posters proposals must be written in correct English according to the submission template and formatting guidelines which can be found here.

Note: AGILE 2013 is running a double-blind review process. In preparing your manuscript, do not include any information which could reveal your identity, or that of your co-authors. The title section of your manuscript should not contain any author names, email addresses, or affiliation status. In the body of your submission, you should eliminate all direct references to your own previous work. That is, avoid phrases such as "this contribution generalizes our results for XYZ". Also, please do not disproportionately cite your own previous work. In other words, make your submission as anonymous as possible. We need your cooperation in our effort to maintain a fair, double-blind reviewing process.

Authors’ instructions are also available on the web site of the conference. All submissions must be sent in electronically via the online conference manager:"

AGILE 2013 konferencia kedvezményes részvételi lehetőség

Mai postánkból. Maribel Yasmina Santos, az AGILE titkárán keresztül érkezett az alábbi figyelemfelhívás:

Dear all,
In view of stimulating active participation to the AGILE 2013 conference by scientists, especially PhD students, an AGILE 2013 grant programme has been initiated. This year particular focus will be on supporting authors of papers and posters from Southern and Eastern European countries. Applicants from other countries are also welcome of course.
The AGILE Grant Programme will allocate 15 grants (scholarships) to AGILE 2013 attendees, with priority given to PhD students. Grants are sponsored by ESRI (10 grants) and AGILE (5 grants). An applicant must have submitted a paper or a poster. The estimated value of each grant is approximately 500 Euro (covering full conference registration and a maximum of 4 nights in a hotel chosen by the conference organizers).
The AGILE Council will manage all transactions, including hotel payments and payment of the conference registration fee. Grantees must however make their own hotel reservation and take care of the conference registration themselves. More details will be provided to successful applicants.
Those interested in the programme, please send an e-mail to Fred Toppen ( before 15/02/2013, having as subject "AGILE 2013 grant" and include the following information:
·         Full name (surname in UPPER CASE);
·         Institution full address;
·         Full personal contact details including e-mail address, telephone and fax number;
·         Gender (male/female);
·         Professional status (professor, PhD-student, student, government researcher, full-time or part-time student, etc.);
·         If you are an AGILE 2013 conference paper/poster (co-)author;
·         A ONE-PAGE letter of interest highlighting the impossibility of getting (sufficient) other sources of funding, the strategic value of applicants institution within the country of origin, and the importance for applicant to attend the AGILE 2013 conference, also with respect to the scientific expectations of the applicant. 
A Grant selection committee will evaluate all applicants and make a final choice. Results of the selection procedure will be communicated before 15 March 2013.

Kind regards,
Danny Vandenbroucke
Bénédicte Bucher
Joep Crompvoets
Chairs AGILE 2013

Maribel Yasmina Santos
Secretary-elect AGILE Council
Association of Geographic Information Laboratories for Europe

Department of Information Systems
University of Minho
Campus de Azurém, 4800-058 Guimarães, Portugal

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Térinformatikai KKV-t keresnek FP7 ICT projektpartnernek.

Mai postánkból. Németh Edina Magyaroszági FP7 ICT nemzeti kapcsolattartó hívja fel az érdeklődők figyelmét egy térinfomatikusok számára lehetőséget jelentő hírre:  
"Az FP7 ICT program nemzeti kapcsolattartó irodája a pályázati időszakokban az Idealist rendszerben megjelenő partnerkeresésekről azok megjelenésekor (akár naponta) küld tájékoztató emailt azoknak akik az Idealist partnerkereső levelezőlistára feliratkoztak.
A partnerkereséső emailt alkalmanként azok számára is elküldjük akik ismereteink szerint az adott témában érdekeltek lehetnek. Amennyiben Ön még nem iratkozott fel a levelezőlistára és jövőben minden megjelenő partnerkeresésről szeretne tájékoztatást kapni, kérem jelezze az címen.

Az Idealist partnerkereső rendszerben az alábbi új partnerkeresések jelentek meg:

Partner Search ID: PS-ES-81780
Call Identifier: SME Initiative on Analytics 2013 (FP7-ICT-2013-SME-DCA)
Challenge: Challenge 4:Technologies for Digital Content and Languages
Objective: ICT-2013.4.3 SME initiative on analytics
Funding Scheme: STREP
Evaluation Scheme: One Step Proposal
Closure Date: 15/01/2013

Proposal Name: PreDiss Pro

Keywords: open data, Analytics, Data Collection, Statistics, dissemination, data analysis
Partner profile / description of work to be carried out:
In order to meet the needs of the project, the consortium requirements are:
1. SME expert in usability. Its knowledge will be essential to make the tool easy to use
2. SME expert in geographic information systems.
3. City administration of a medium city (300-500K inhabitants). This city should have an ongoing or planned project to develop an open data publication strategy. 

The current partnership is:
SME which is expert in information systems development related to the dissemination of open data, especially of statistical data.

Retrieve the Partner Search at:"


FP7 ICT programme
National Contact Point
for Hungary


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Pályázati lehetőség részvételre! DFG/ICSU/ISSC Fiatal Tudósok Hálózata Konferencia az integrált tudományról. Téma: bármi ami az élelemmel összefüggésben van

Mai postánkból. A CODATA titkárságáról érkezett hír.
News from the CODATA_International eNewsList follows from here:

DFG/ICSU/ISSC Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science
Dear Members,

The DFG, ICSU and ISSC are organising a networking conference in April 2013 in Villa Vigoni at Lake Como in Italy. Young scientists working on integrated science on food systems are invited to submit their proposals.
Applications close on December 14th.
Food poses one of the key challenges for human societies in the coming decades. Food Futuresencompasses everything from what we eat and food security to the way we research and talk about food. Food is often a central theme in issues related to security, global health, demographics, geography, urbanities, culture and society, political systems, and local and global environments.
ICSU and ISSC, in collaboration with the DFG, are planning to assemble a large group of young researchers with diverse research perspectives to reflect on Food Futures and debate relevant issues as part of a series of conferences on Integrated Science. The aim is to bring together creative multidimensional, interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary perspectives to address such a complex topic like food systems. These early career scientists will ask what are and will be the challenges related to food, now and in the future, and they are expected to devise the next generation of research programmes and projects, looking for a suitable definition and means to reach global sustainability goals.
Young scientists are invited to submit applications for participation in a Networking Conference on Integrated Science.
The DFG/ICSU/ISSC Young Scientists Networking Conference on Integrated Science discussing the Future Earth theme Food Futures will take place in Villa Vigoni, the German $B!> (BItalian Centre for Cultural and Scientific Exchange at Lake Como in Italy, from 14 $B!> (B19 April, 2013. The International Council for Science (ICSU), the German Research Foundation (DFG), and the International Social Science Council (ISSC) are inviting applications for participation by young scientists. The conference is kindly funded by the German Research Foundation.
Closing date for applications: 14 December 2012.
The Networking Conference is open to post $B!> (Bdoctoral researchers interested in the collaboration between the social and the natural sciences. The conference will bring together senior and leading scientists and researchers with a diversity of perspectives on food to identify top priority questions for future research on the topic. The meeting is designed to become the starting point for new international integrated science research onFood Futures. They will provide not only a chance to fully realise the overview of the state of the art in the topic/field, but also to interact and network with leading thinkers – forging new collaborations, and fostering new compelling integrated science. Travel expenses (economy trip) as well as cost for the stay at Villa Vigoni will be covered for successful applicants for the duration of the conference. Please note that the seminar will be held in English only. Candidates should indicate if this would be a problem for them.
Selection criteria
1. General eligibility of Candidates
  • Post $B!> (Bdoctoral researchers with no more than 10 years work experience following their PhD; or individuals with equivalent qualifications (preferably under the age of 40)
  • Interest in international, transdisciplinary, intercultural research cooperation
Application requirements
  • A full (no more than 1 page) CV to include:
    • Education
    • Current position
    • Other relevant experiences or academic awards
    • Candidate $B!G (Bs current research topic(s)
  • Supporting Material
    • List of up to 5 of the candidates publications, which he/she values highest of which the best paper should be included as a reprint
    • A brief outline (1 page) of how the candidate $B!G (Bs work is relevant to the seminar topic
    • A half page outlining why she/he should be participating in the meeting
    • A half page abstract for candidate $B!G (Bs proposed poster
Eligible, interested candidates are welcome to apply by emailing the requested documents to the email address below:
Or forward the application by mail to:
International Social Science Council (ISSC)
UNESCO Building
1, rue Miollis
75732 Paris Cedex 15
Successful applicants will be notified in January.
International Council for Science (ICSU)

5 rue Auguste Vacquerie, 75116 Paris, France
Tel. +33 1 45 25 06 77|Fax.  +33 1 42 88 94 31||

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and you are interested in receiving information on CODATA activities
and discussions continuously
then join the CODATA_International eNewsList by sending an empty message
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and is not necessarily of interest to the subject of this eMail list.
kbx7 eNewsletter server is operated under German privacy law regulations

Honi térinformatikai vállalkozások! Lehetőség a versenyképesség erősítésére

HUNAGI lehetőséget kapott arra, hogy a két hete bemutatott smeSpire EU projektben résztvevő 12 ország mellett hazánk kis- és közepes méretű vállalkozásai is bekerüljenek az Európai Bizottság (JRC) irányításával készült térinformatikai felmérésbe, melyen keresztül megmutathatják magukat, sőt élvezhetik a projekt befogadott résztvevőjeként annak minden előnyét. A kapcsolattartás mindenekelőtt elektronikusan megy, mivel részvételünkhöz anyagi támogatást nem tudnak adni, viszont költségráfordítás tekintetében sem a HUNAGI-nak, sem a résztvevő kkv-nak kötelezettsége nincsen. HUNAGI nagyon ajánlja avállalkozó tagjaink, sőt partnereink becsatlakozását a felmérésbe, mert a projektben való aktivitásunk egyben a hazai piaci szereplők európai szintű szerepvállalási készségének és képességének várhatóan egyik fokmérője lesz.
HUNAGI minden segítséget megad ahhoz, hogy a projektvezetéssel kapcsolatot tartva a nemzetközi tekintetben is számottevő hazai térinformatikai piaci potenciált érzékeltessük, a lehetőségeket felismerjük és azokkal élhessünk.
Mielőbb teljen meg  Magyarország projekt-térképe a térinformatikai vállalkozások telephelyeit szimbolizáló jelkulcsi elemekkel!

Ime a kísérő levelezés  a JRC felmérés linkjével, melyet Giacomo Martirano projekt-koordinátor volt szíves megküldeni:

"Dear Gabor,
following my last e-mail sent to you a while ago, please find below the e-mail sent yesterday by JRC to launch a massive invitation to participate to a survey, involving almost 1700 geoICT SMEs in the 12 Countries participating to the project.
Coherently with what we discussed in Lisbon and with subsequent e-mails, I hope the e-mail below can be another dissemination mean in your hands J
As soon as you will have set up a dissemination “strategy” in Hungary, we will be very glad to receive a short note from you and to publish/emphasize it on our channels.
Many thanks in advance for your cooperation
Kind regards and I hope to see you soon again

Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: Epsilon Italia
Giacomo Martirano
Technical Manager
EPSILON Italia srl
C.da Pasquali 79
87040 Mendicino (CS) - Italy
mobile phone: +39.349.4433577
skype: giacomo.martirano
Descrizione: Descrizione: Descrizione: brand_1_rid
Project Coordinator

Megjegyzés: HUNAGI a nevezett disszeminációs stratégiát egy hete megküldte a projekt koordinátorának (terjesztés és figyelemfelhívás  blogon, hírlevélben,  figyelemfelhívás a használt közösségi médiában és egyéb fórumokon).
A HUNAGI csatlakozás megjelent az smeSpire projekt weboldalán is.

Da: smespire []
Inviato: martedì 27 novembre 2012 14:00
Oggetto: smeSpire project - Study about GI private sector in Europe

Dear XXX,
Have you heard about the smeSpire project?
smeSpire is a Support Action of the EU’s 7th Framework Program, aiming to turn the INSPIRE European Directive into business opportunities for private sector companies dealing with Geographic Information in Europe (
The purpose of the project is to encourage and enable the participation of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in making environmental and spatial data available and usable.
The European Commission Joint Research Centre (EC-JRC) is involved in thesmeSpire project together with other 14 organisations from 12 Member States.

We would like very much your contribution by responding to the survey available at the following web address:

It will take you about 20 minutes to complete, and we would invite you to think of this time as an investment for your company.
If possible, we kindly ask you to complete the survey during the next two weeks.
The survey is available in different languages; you may save your answers as a draft and resume the survey later.

By filling in the survey, you will become part of the smeSpire network of European Geo-ICT SMEs, and will enjoy the following benefits of project:
·         be included in the Network database: the largest public on GeoICT SME’s, a searchable and structured repository of information on the characteristics, activities and competencies of Geo-ICT SMEs in Europe.
·         access our Training Platform: acquire knowledge and skills on INSPIRE and all the related implementation issues.
·         insert your Best Practice in the catalogue of INSPIRE implementations
·         receive news and updates
·         use additional resources as soon as they become available

By completing the survey you will also receive the first smeSpire newsletter, with news and details about the project.

This is a great opportunity to promote your business, advertise your skills and get in touch with other similar companies, helping to enlarge your market in Europe.

Thanks for your help.

smeSpire project
JRC point of contact

European Commission
Institute for Environment and Sustainability
Unit Digital Earth and Reference Data
T.P. 262 - Building 26A
Via Enrico Fermi, 2749 - I
21027 Ispra (VA)/ITALY

Please, read carefully the Privacy statement available at
If you experience technical difficulties accessing or submitting the survey please send email
To be removed from this or any future mailing lists, please reply to this message and enter “REMOVE” in the subject line."
Fontos, hogy a hír az összes potenciálisan érintett hazai térinformatikai vállalkozáshoz eljusson.
A hírt - szakmapolitikai fontossága (versenyképesség, INSPIRE) miatt és vállalkozóink érdekében - a következő szervezeteknek küldtük meg, hogy gondoskodjanak annak terjesztéséről:
 -IVSZ Geoinformatikai Szakosztály
Közösségi médiában:
- Twitter
- Facebook
- Geodéták blog
- HUNAGI Napló
Közvetlen megkeresést kaptak:
- tagjaink
- partnereink
- Linkedin 
- HUNAGI Lehetőségek, pályázatok blog 
- HUNAGI 18/2012 e-Hírlevél
Levélben kapnak tájékoztatást: VM Földügyi Főosztály, HM Geoinformációs Szolgálat, Infotér
A koraesti órákig 18:50 máris csúcsot dönt az érdeklődő látogatók száma, ahogy a ShinyStat grafikonja is mutatja: