Saturday, June 13, 2015

Publikáljon kutatási eredményeiről a Journal of Agricultural Informatics (JAI) szaklapban!

A főszerkesztő Prof. Dr. Herdon Miklós (DE) felhívása:
"On behalf of 

  - the Editorial Board of the Journal of Agricultural Informatics, 
  - the European Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and the Environment,
  - the Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics

 I invite you to publish your research results in the JAI. 

May I inform you that the papers of Journal of Agricultural Informatics (JAI) are refered by 
CrossRef, DOAJ, Cabi, EBSCO, MATARKA, MTMT (See on : )

All JAI papers have DOI numbers. 

Now all papers have been archived in 
REAL - Repository of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences ( ).

Please find the published paper indexed by the MTMT in the attcahed file.

The Journal of Agricultural Informatics ( ) is the periodical of 
European Federation of Information Technology in Agriculture, Food and Environment 
(EFITA), published by Hungarian Association of Agricultural Informatics (HAAI) as NGO of EFITA. 

Next issues will be published in July (this is under editing), September and December 2015. 

The peer-reviewed open access journal is operating with international editorial and advisory board.
There is no publication fee or additional cost.

The journal publishes original papers on topics including ICT in e-Agricultural Government, 
Farm Management, Rural Development, Extension Services, Education and research results 
on wide scope of information and communication technologies and methods 
(e.g. networking, precision agriculture, GIS, etc.). 

Yours faithfully, 

Miklós Herdon 
Editor in Chief"

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Esri alkalmazás-fejlesztési felhívás: az emberi egészség és az éghajlatváltozás

Domokos Györgytől (AirbusDS) érkezett közzététel céljából az alábbi felhívás:
"Esri Launches Human Health and Climate Change App Challenge