Wednesday, August 05, 2009

FP7 - Legújabb pályázatok környezeti és Afrika témakörökben

A mai napon érkezett a GEO/GEOSS titkárságáról:
" Dear All,
Please find the text below and associated attachments from the European Commission.
With best regards,
The GEO Secretariat
The Commission has just published a number of calls for funding in 2010, certain of which are relevant to GEO, with some of the topics being very relevant to GEO CB efforts.
Details of the Environment Theme Call, which includes the Sub-Activity on Earth Observation, can be found at:
The Work Programme that goes together with this Call is attached below.
In addition, we have also published a "Call for Africa", which covers 3 themes: Health; Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, and Bio-technology; Environment.
Details of this call can be found at:
Please note that it isn't easy to get a clear picture of what is included in this Call! (I apologise, but that is the way of the Commission.)
The "Call Fiche", (or call file), provides a summary of what is covered by this call. I've attached this below:
Then I've also attached an "unofficial" file, which tries to bring together all those topics that are labelled as being a part of the "Call for Africa" in the 3 different Work Programmes, Health, Food and Environment.
For further information please contact Alan Edwards at "
Az anyagot mint GSDI GEO levelező kaptam és osztom meg a HUNAGI közösségével. A hivatkozott dokumentumok kérésre hozzáférhetőek. Az információ többsége a linkeken keresztül elérhető.

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