Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Álláslehetőség Potsdamban, a Földtudományok Kutatóközpontjában

GFZ Potsdamban. Kép: HUNAGI fotógyűjtemény, 2008

Mai postánkból. Ludo Engelen (SADL, K.U.Leuven) továbbította az alábbi figyelemfelhívást:
"The Working Group Geoinformation Management and Visualization at German Research Centre for Geosciences is seeking candidates for a PhD and a Postdoc position in the interdisciplinary Potsdam Research Cluster for Georisk Analysis, Environmental Change and Sustainability „PROGRESS“ ( The research fields of interest are: a) Visualization of spatiotemporal data quality and uncertainty and b) Geovisual Analytics which combines methods from interactive geovisualization and computational analysis, especially spatio-temporal data mining. (see attached file).
The positions will be filled earliest as possible
The German Research Centre for Geosciences is located at Potsdam, 30 Minutes by car or train south of the centre of Berlin.
Apologies for cross posting.
Prof. Dr. Doris Dransch
Section 1.5: Earth System Modelling
Phone: +49-331-288-1535
FAX: +49-331-288-1163   ...."

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