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Mozgáselemzés: tárgykövetés és tárgyérzékelés Felhívás

Mai postánkból. Ludo Engelen küldte terjesztés céljából a következő felhívást, amely összecseng a Digitális Füld vitaülésen tett mai HUNAGI hozzászólással amely az adaptív, dinamikus és személyre szabott térbeli adat infrastruktúra szolgáltatásokkal kapcsolatos kutatások szükségességére hívta fel a figyelmet GNSS, szenzorhálózat és RFID technikák ötvözésével, megemlítve a felvetődő személyiségi jogi kérdéseket is. 
Call for Position Papers
Workshop on Movement Research: Are you in the flow?
AGILE 2010 Conference
This is a discussion oriented workshop that will emphasise an in depth multi-disciplinary discussions on the latest research and new experimental approaches aimed at addressing the current gaps in knowledge in the field of movement analysis. The topics considered in scope for this workshop include, but are not limited to:
Tracking and Sensing Issues
- Experiences in providing the location of mobile objects: Is the future really about real-time processing? Do we really need massive data collection?
- Experiences with privacy as a concern when collecting the data sets: How to unravel trust and confidence problems, as well as security and privacy rights?
Methodological Issues
- Experiences in analysing tracking loggings: Can we really understand implicit and explicit rules underlying movement behaviour based on trajectory patterns?
- Experiences in developing and applying privacy preserving data mining, space-time reasoning, and visualisation techniques: What have been the advantages and limitations?
Technology Issues
- Experience with mobile technologies: How can we make better use of existing mobile technologies? Are there gaps? Is there a need for new technologies?
The workshop will be a one-day event and it will include two sessions:
- an initial session in the morning that will be devoted to short-presentations on of the identified issues. The aim is to address a specific outstanding key question in the field. Each speaker will be asked to include a final slide in their presentation summarising, in their opinion, the key outstanding questions in their specific area or interest, after which the session chair will open the floor for discussion. We hope that this format will provide the best atmosphere to promote dynamic discussion by all participants.
- a group session in the afternoon that will be dedicated to create an atmosphere that promotes interactions and exchange of ideas among participants by providing the participants with the opportunity to share ideas, meet fellow researches and discuss and plan potential collaborations.
Paper submission and selection procedure
Position papers are required in order to participate in this workshop. Each organisation or individual wishing to participate must submit a position paper (PDF, up to 2 pages) explaining their interest in the workshop. The intent is to make sure that participants have an active interest in the area, and that the workshop will benefit from their presence. The position papers should be sent to Monica Wachowicz (, having as subject "AGILE 2010 workshop".
The position papers will be internally reviewed by the workshop organisers for quality and appropriateness.
Important deadlines
March 20th : Submission of position papers
March 27th: Notification of acceptance
March 31st: AGILE Conference and Workshop Registration
May 11, 2010, Guimaraes, Portugal: authors of accepted position papers present their work at the workshop for feedback and discussion
Organising Committee
- Monica Wachowicz, Wageningen UR, Netherlands
- Georg Gartner, Department of Geoinformation and Cartography, Austria
- Chiara Renso, CNR - National Research Centre, Italy
- Maria Luisa Damiani, Universita degli Studi di Milano, Italy
Sponsoring and Grant Programme
This workshop is being supported by the MODAP project (Mobility, Data Mining, and Privacy Project) – FET, Open Coordination Action
Two MODAP grants will be offered to PhD students who have their position papers accepted for the workshop. The grant will cover registration fees and accommodation costs. Those interested in the programme, please send an email to Monica Wachowicz (, having as subject "MODAP workshop grant request" and include the following information:
- Full name (surname in UPPER CASE);
- Institution full address;
- Full personal contact details including email address, telephone and fax number;
- Gender (male/female);
- Research (year of PhD, title of the thesis, short abstract of the thesis, name of the PhD supervisors).
Monica Wachowicz
Wageningen UR, Centre for Geo-information
P.O Box 47 6700 AA Wageningen, The Netherlands
Tel: +31-(0)317-481915
Fax: +31-(0)317-419000
President of AGILE
European Associate Editor International Journal of Geographical Information Science
Ludo Engelen
SADL, K.U.Leuven
(Spatial Applications Division Leuven)
Celestijnenlaan 200 E
B-3001 Leuven, Belgium
Tel: +32 -16-32 97 32 Fax: 032-16-32 97 24

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