Sunday, November 18, 2012

GMES Masters 2012.évi pályázat nyertesek

Lara Schaflinger (Anwendugszentrum GmbH, Oberpfaffenhofen) írja a Linkedin GEOMasters szakmai levelező rovatában:
Winner: Best Service Challenge

We would like to introduce to you, the winners of this year’s GMES Masters Competition. Today:
Francesco Bartoli and his team from the Italian company Geobeyond Srl were named the winner of the Best Service Challenge for their service Snow
Monit – Monitoring Snow and Water Equivalent. An online audience selected the system - which is designed to integrate and improve current services that treat snow avalanche information, snow accumulation, and derived parameters (e.g. snow water equivalent) for mapping the management of resources (hydroelectric power, water) and the predictability of mountain hazards- as winner of the Best Service Challenge.
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