Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Térinformatika és földügyi menedzsment továbbképzési lehetőség a GSDI szervezet intézményi és egyéni tagjai számára

A címbeli témában idén is megrendezésre kerül a hagyományos továbbképző tanfolyam Tajpejben. Ugyan az ingyenes részvétel csak a felsorolt kedvezményezett térségekből jelentkezők számára biztosított, a hazai érdeklődő(k) számára érdemes megérdeklődni a részvétel lehetőségét és feltételeit. 
Roger Longhorn GSDI főtitkára írja mai levelében:
A Tajvani Tudományos Akadémia kertjében. Fotó: RFG
"2016 Training Opportunity in GIS and Land Management Eligibility available for members of the GSDI Association
The Capacity Building Project of the GSDI Association will provide a free training opportunity for 5 candidates from Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific Region to attend the ICLPST (International Center for Land Policy Studies and Training) training Seminar on Geographical Information Systems and Land Management in Taipei, Taiwan, Republic Of China. The training seminar will be held from March 2, 2016 to March 15, 2016.
Taiwan, Republic of China is the sponsor of the training program that entrusts ICLPST to carry out the project. Each candidate must satisfy the following guidelines:
(a) Candidates must be an Individual Member of the GSDI Association, or must be affiliated with an Organizational Member of the Association.
(b) Candidates must be proficient in both spoken and written English in order to be able to follow lectures and instructions conducted in English. Nominees with basic computer skills will be considered more suitable for this course.
(c) Candidates must be the persons who are presently working as an administrator, planner or project analyst in areas such as land use and management, urban planning, land surveying, spatial data infrastructure, geographic information systems, etc.
(d) Candidates must be under the age of 55 and must be medically certified as fit for study and travel abroad. Those Selected should submit a medical certificate to Taiwan, Republic of China in 7 days after the announcement of the selected name list; otherwise, we will fill the vacancy with the next name in line. Please see the referenced Medical Report form for the required physical check-up. Those who are taking medication for chronic diseases have to prepare sufficient medication for the duration of their stay in Taiwan, Republic of China.
All participants should have valid passports and visas (they shall apply for a visa valid for at least a one month stay) for entry into Taiwan, Republic of China. Please note that each participant will receive a round-trip, economy-class air ticket for travel between his/her country's capital city and Taipei by the most direct route, and will be provided with board and lodging expenses during the training seminar. The participant is fully responsible to pay for any and all other incidental expenses in connection with the travel such as visa fees, airport taxes, en-route hotel accommodations, etc.
To better facilitate discussions among the participants and with the lecturers, we require that every participant prepare a country paper about developments in their home country to be presented in class. The topic should be relevant to the theme of the course (see the curriculum). Each country-based presentation is limited to 20 minutes. A computer and projector will be provided by the Center (ICLPST) for the presentation. However, outside the presentation, participants are expected to bring and use their own laptop computers during the training seminar.
If you are interested in the training seminar, please fill in the application form as attached or found at:
Send this to Mr. Jeremy Shen, Deputy Director, Individual Members, of the GSDI Association at: or
before January 15, 2016.
Every application submitted will be reviewed by GSDI Association's Review Committee. Selections should occur within 10 to 15 days."

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