Monday, October 28, 2013

WW Europa Challenge 2014: - Egyetemisták, KKV-k figyelem!

Patrick Hogan WW projekt menedzser írta levelében:

"I imagine that part of our job is to inspire extraordinary talent that will deliver spectacular solutions for the INSPIRE Directive. With your help, the Europa Challenge 2014 can ^greatly^ succeed in its already proven ability to facilitate ^sustainable^ spatial information solutions.

In addition to the extensive use of World Wind technology by the US Government, there is much use of World Wind in Europe by government, academia and industry alike. Just a couple recent examples:

A German company building fixed-wing drones for civil surveying market is using World Wind for their mission planning / monitoring / analysis software:

An Italian high-tech solutions company serving defense and civil market sectors is using World Wind for their Eurocontrol Aviation Information Management (AIM) software:

ESA, Astrium.EADS, SpotImage, Graphitech, and many others in Europe, all use World Wind technology. Even the UN describes the benefits of using NASA World Wind,

World Wind, as an open platform for innovative solutions, helps to inspire those solutions. These solutions are free to be either proprietary or open. We need common ground where sophisticated solutions can be instantly and widely useful, thus maximizing benefit to the community and SMEs ability to provide value.

I look forward to our combined effort that might help us and our children have a beautiful future together."

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